Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mountain vs Massif

I always thought mountain and massif were interchangeable words but when doing some research I discovered that I was wrong. According to Webster a massif is "an elevated mass, usually mountainous with a number of peaks rising from it / a large portion of the earth's crust which has shifted as a block with out internal folding or faulting etc." In other words, it is a compact group of connected mountains that moves as one geological unit. Mt. Vinson is the tallest peak in the Vinson Massif which is part of the Ellsworth mountains of western Antarctica . At a height of 5,142m (16,860 ft.) it is the last of the seven summits which the Mallory family hopes to climb.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Going Down

My children have been to the top of the world and everyone asks what is next. The boys have decided to reverse direction and go down instead of up. They want to explore the ocean depths and both have just recently taken their scuba certification. Both Dan and I are certified so Laura just has to find the time to get her certification and we can be off on an underwater adventure in the sunny south.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

On Line Diary

I never thought of it until today but writing a blog is a bit like an on line diary without the lock and key. As a child I had a private diary. I would write my personal thoughts in it - those secrets that seem ever so important at the time. Where the dairy is now and why I stopped putting entries into it I do not know.
Now with the blog, I am not writing down my secrets but am letting the world (or the two people who read this) know some of my inner thoughts and feelings and learn about our family adventures.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sleeping under the stars

It is July according to the calendar but the weather does not seem to be co-operating. We expect hot muggy evenings in July but lately the evenings have been cool and breezy. The big advantage to that is that the mosquitoes are few and therefore if you are willing to chance no rain you can sleep under the stars. It is my plan to sleep on the trampoline with the dog tonight at the cottage under an almost full moon. Hopefull T-dog will not decides to walk/bounce on the trampoline or do some night wandering. I am hoping for shooting stars streaking across a clear evening sky, sounds of night creatures and the lapping of the waves against the beach. Pray for good weather.