Monday, March 30, 2009

Adam's strength

Adam is the strong, quiet person in the family. When he talks everyone listens because you know he has thought through what he is going to say and it is important. He gets right to the point and doesn't say anything more than is necessary. He is a patient instructor who is constantly assisting the computer semi-literate (his dad & mom) in the family.
Adam did his first presentation on his own recently where his peers packed the conference room at his work. It was a positive experience for Adam with lots of congratulations and high fives afterwards. Adam considered that a stepping stone. He wants to do more family presentations where he presents with another family member.

Adam's real strength lies behind the scenes with all the technical issues that go along with doing a presentation. He has devised and implemented ways to improve all the presentations. He was the main videographer on the mountain. Having a computer geek and electrical engineer in the family really helps when problems arise on presentation day.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Dan's enthusiasm

Over the years, Dan has given slide shows and power point presentations of our various adventures to family and friends who love to hear his stories and see our pictures. His bird-watching hobby has taken the two of us to many remote areas of the world to catch a glimpse of a rare and magnificent bird. His voice radiates his enthusiasm for adventure and nature.

Dan is a modest soft spoken presenter who really enjoys sharing the family adventures. For him telling the story of losing contact with Laura on Mt. Everest for over 6 hours is still very emotional. The feeling of helplessness - wondering and waiting were the worst hours of Dan's life. Thankfully, everyone returned safely home.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Alan's sense of humour

During university Alan attended Toastmasters where he honed his presentation skills. When we decide to start to do presentations he was eager to begin and developed the first family presentation for Hatch Engineering in Mississauga.

Alan is an active, expressive presenter who likes to use a lapel mic so he can move about. He connects immediately with his audience whether they be corporate executives, seniors or youth groups and seems to naturally know when to add a bit of humour to the presentation.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Laura's bubbly personality

We now have four people in the family who are actively inspiring people to make their dreams real through our presentations. Each person has developed their own presentation and has their own presentation style.

Laura is a very confident young lady with a bubbly personality. She has presented with the whole family, her brother Alan and on her own. She continues to grow in poise and confidence. She will be presenting to several high schools in late April. An inspiration to youth and young women in particular, the story of her summit day is a story of drama, courage, determination and success.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Special Christmas Hats

At Christmas in 2007, Dan's sister's family gave us each a special gift. What could possibly be inside the colourful gift bags? On the count of three, everyone threw their tissue paper into the air and whoops of laughter and delight could be heard around the Christmas tree as we all donned a special peaked hat. Nancy, Rob, Ethan & Kelsey had given each of us a hat with the name of a mountain we had summited and a flag of that country on it. The mountains were one of the famous seven peaks - the highest mountain on each of the seven continents.

Alan - Mt. McKinley/Denali - North America
Laura - Mt. Elbrus - Europe
Adam - Mt. Aconcagua - South America
Barbara - Mt. Kilimanjaro - Africa
Dan - Mt. Everest - Asia

Dan got a hat of Mt. Everest because that was his next goal. He had already started planning the trip and being a positive family everyone was convinced he would summit. On a gear shopping trip, I found some more Mt. Everest hats and gave Adam, Alan & Laura each one at the airport on their return from Nepal after their successful summit.