Monday, March 30, 2009

Adam's strength

Adam is the strong, quiet person in the family. When he talks everyone listens because you know he has thought through what he is going to say and it is important. He gets right to the point and doesn't say anything more than is necessary. He is a patient instructor who is constantly assisting the computer semi-literate (his dad & mom) in the family.
Adam did his first presentation on his own recently where his peers packed the conference room at his work. It was a positive experience for Adam with lots of congratulations and high fives afterwards. Adam considered that a stepping stone. He wants to do more family presentations where he presents with another family member.

Adam's real strength lies behind the scenes with all the technical issues that go along with doing a presentation. He has devised and implemented ways to improve all the presentations. He was the main videographer on the mountain. Having a computer geek and electrical engineer in the family really helps when problems arise on presentation day.

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Michelle said...

Well done Adam, would love to sit in on a presentation you all do.. if you ever come to Aussie.. let me know :P

Barbara.. your forgetting one blog. About yourself. Your a fantastic write and one who treasures her children and their capabilities.. Just because you didn't make it to the tallest mountain doesn't make you any different.. in my eyes you conquered the biggest mountain.. Raising kids.. and you have done a marvelous job!

Congrats to you all.