Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Speaking in Australia

Alan has just returned from Australia where he did 6 corporate presentations for his employer Hatch Engineering. I think they were a little hesitant about him speaking because he is so young; but after his first talk no one questioned his speaking ability and the venues were always full to capacity. The praises flooded into head office and they wanted him to do more talks but his schedule was too tight.
On his return home he commented on how helpful and friendly the Aussies were. They arranged for him to enter a 58 km. biking event, hike some trails in the National Forest near Perth and do some scuba diving. It was a busy work/play time. Thanks for inviting him and the gifts it was a great experience.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Family in Peru

Another speaker at the Rotary Conference was a delightful lady from Peru. She has organized a support group for families of children with disabilities in her country. We seem to have so many social services that we do not think about children being abandoned to live on their own on the streets because they have a physical or mental disability. Her organization supports and educates the parents and searches for appropriate work experiences/jobs for both children and adults with disabilities. Her passion and enthusiasm were contagious so I can see why her program has been so successful but there is always more to do. She invited me to visit her and I think I just might.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Canadians in Afghanistan

Dan spoke at the Rotary District Conference in Niagara on the Lake recently. A Canadian Military doctor who had done two terms in Afghanstan was another speaker. His presentation was very emotional. He explained the political situation there very well and encouraged everyone to learn as much as possible about what is happening over there. He felt very strongly that Canadians were making a difference and Canada should continue serving in Afghanistan. He painted a very different picture than what we hear in the media. It is hard to imagine being afraid every day of your life.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Alan in Australia

Alan's company Hatch Engineering has been most supportive. They have provided Alan wiht lots of opportunities. Presently, he is in Australia giving Everest presentations to staff and clients. Naturally he has to do something adventurous while he is there. Since the mountains in Australia are not very high he has decided to go down instead of up. Both he and his brother Adam recently got their scuba license so Alan will be diving around the reefs of Australia.