Monday, March 31, 2008

Rumours from the Mountain

Rumour has it that the Chinese gave Nepal a $121,000,000.00 development ? loan recently which means they have a huge influence on what is happening here. Until today everyone was unsure whether permits to climb past base camp would be issued. Lots of people have just been sitting at base camp waiting for news from the government and the Ice doctors had not set any ropes or ladders in the Khumbu Ice Field. The permits were issued today but we are still unsure how high anyone can climb or what happens if there is demonstration on the mountain or the Chinese need more time to bring the torch from the summit. The Nepali army has been sent to base camp to discourage demonstrations.
Welcome to politics in the third world.


Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara and family:
Finally found my way to your blog.
Really glad to hear that you have arrived safely and that the permits have been issued. Stay well and safe - keep on posting Barbara! Love, Beanie.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear news from you. Another fascination part of the world for you to experience. Lots of love, SOM Climb every mountain- N

Graysaway said...

Looking forward to hearing your news each day. I enjoy this time of the year as I follow expeditions during the climbing season.

Keep safe,
M - Sydney