Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Everest Moments

We are home safe and sound and doing a number of media interviews. Normal life will have to return shortly.
We were asked about the "scarier" moments of the trip. There were several - the crossing of the horizontal ladders as many and 4 sections lashed together over gaping crevasses; Laura throwing up blood at around 20,000 ft; Laura and I watching boulders whip by us while climbing the very steep Llotse face; the safety rope breaking at camp 3 where a slip would send you off the Llotse face. All these made your heart stop for a second but clearly not hearing from Laura and her Sherpa on their summit attempt day by 9 am the next morning, that was my worst day! We tiried to reach them all day by radio and no word until mid afternoon. If there had been a fall or some other injury or incident, a rescue attempt would have been almost imposible. No planes or helicpoters would have been able to make the rescue and it is utterly exhausting to be navigating at the altitude between 26,000-29,000 ft. I/we could not have gone back up to look for her or even assist in any way. Even if we had the strength which we did not, we needed to find oxygen and it was not readily available. It was a big relief when we heard from them mid afternoon and learned of their inability to communicate because of radio battery problems.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mallory Family, congratulations!!! It has been a wonderful journey to follow. Every night when I got home from work I would tune into the blogs to see the days activities, thinking how amazing you all were. It was exciting and truly amazing to be able to hear how everyone was doing on the mountain, my grandfather would die if he knew the things society is able to do now. Please let me know when you are arranging a session that I can attend and hear all about your journey. Once again congrats!! Kathy Casa Mia Restaurant

Anonymous said...

Such an amazing story and so glad to hear all are home safe. Good to see you all together looking healthy. Still amazed at the thought of a 20 year old alone heading up the mountain with nothing but a sherpa. (Not to take away from the accomplishments of the rest of you, but being female, we gotta give our girl some major credit!). I hope she will be speaking to groups of young women to encourage them in their own goals and dreams. Looking forward to attending an event. This blog was very interesting and so appreciate when I have asked a question and got an answer from you.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Mallorys!!! I went to Elementary School with Adam and remember Barbara coming in to do a presentation of a trip they had recently been on.

I'm thrilled for all of you, what an amazing feat!

I look forward to hearing about more of your adventures.

Stay safe and have fun!

Brandy Isherwood