Thursday, May 24, 2012

Throw out the itinerary - they summited

I have been publishing this blog according to Adam's itinerary.  Earlier today, Adam and Laura phoned their dad at his office and me twice on my cell phone.  The first cell phone call all Adam said was "We are alive!"  Laura mumbled something I could not make out and then they hung up.  On the second cell phone call I got the info I was hoping for.  They summited Mt. McKinley 2 days ago and were now back in Talkeetna.  They should be at our friends in Anchorage later today and we will get more details of their climb when we call them.  Laura said they will update the blog and let everyone in on some of the particulars of the climb.  Interestingly, I had emailed the national parks service the day they summited  to inquire about them.  Dan now knows what it feels like to wait and not know what is happening. 
A relieved mom.

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