Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Laura sent me some more info this morning.
The hike through the jungle was very challenging.  Lots of roots, moss and fallen trees.  The path was none existent most of the time.  It took them 6 days to reach base camp, 2 days to summit and 4 days to hike out. The last day was very long, 12 hours, and there were some really steep down hills.  Laura pulled a muscle in her right quad which was painful but seems to be better today.  Dan caught a chest infection - that sounds familiar.
As they were flying into Timika they could see their plane for Bali on the runway getting ready to take off. They will leave for Bali today and spend 2 days there.  Then they fly to Sulawesi where there is an active volcano and some excellent diving.
This was the most technical climb they have done and in many ways the most challenging.  I think they have short memories!!!

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Nancy M said...

Short memories: it might be like childbirth: you don't really remember some parts, not really, but you do remember the best outcomes!!
So glad to hear more news of their arrival back to civilization. Even more experiences for them over the next week.