Friday, July 18, 2008

Do we write a book?

We have been approached by several people to write a book. There have been lots of books written about Mt. Everest and with the internet and modern communication you can certainly get lots of information about climbing and the mountain. So if we do write a book what do we write about and who writes it? Is the story about the adventure on Mt Everest? Is the story about the family and how we as a family came to climb Mt. Everest? Is the story about the heart stopping moments on each of the 6 mountains we have climbed? Who will write the book? One person? The family? A ghost writer? Do we want to open our lives to the public?
If anyone is still reading this blog we would like your opinion.


Michelle said...

I would say to have one person in your family write the book with the input of everyone that climbed. Share all your stories together but have one person actually compile it together! I think it would be a great book to read!

I check your blog regularly!! would love to see pics and here stories!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think that (as a marketing expert) you have to first decide who your audience is. Is it Canadians who want to hear a story of Canadian triumph? Is it families who want to hear the story of the family? Is it other adventurers? People interested in the interweaving of your personal story with the story of Nepal and Tibet contrasting the story of your experience with the challenges faced by the locals who earn their living? Is this an "add-on" sale to your speaking tour? Answering these questions will help you focus. Asking your blog readers is definitely a good start in your research.

See what books exist - what can you compete with? Unfortunately, if you are looking to sell a lot of books, you have to figure out what your edge is, what your market is, and maybe team up with Explore magazine in Canada or Outside in the US, or a more specific mountaineering magazine for some promotion and ideas. If going Family, think outside the box of how you market it in terms of family.

So, some free marketing advice in return for the enjoyment from your blog. I asked a lot of the questions you answered and appreciated you responding. It was a very exciting story as it was happening.

I'd sit in a room, develop a few of the ideas further in terms of what you would write about and the compare that with your research on what would be saleable and how to promote it, and see what matches up. I think all your ideas are great and a book would definitely complement your speaking engagement. Talk to a good book agent though once you have your ideas together.

E. Cornish