Monday, July 21, 2008

Our First Presentations

Alan has done two presentations to date. One for Toast Masters and one for the company he works for, Hatch in Mississauga.
Hatch really laid out the red carpet for us and we are very thankful for all their support. Alan did an excellent job talking about our adventure and showing a lot of our best pictures. Everyone had their own little story to tell (accompanied by pictures) at some point in the presentation so it was a family affair. Lots of good questions during the Q & A period after the presentation. They really made us feel like celebrities.
Dan did a presentation for extended family and friends at the cottage. The family always wants to hear all the details and see lots and lots of pictures so Dan's presentation was much longer than Alan's. We had an intermission with dessert half way through. The family was awed.
Presently, we are looking at potential dates and venues in the Barrie area. If we get a good response we will expand our area.
I will continue to keep this blog up to date. Ask questions and make suggestions. This is a learning experience for us.
We all strongly feel we have a wonderful story to tell.

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Michelle said...

I would love to see one of your shows... as I currently live in australia that is hard to do!!! I would LOVE to see the pictures and hear the stories.. I am coming to Canada to the toronto area in September!! Maybe I would be able to catch something.. I have been watching your hike since the beginning and it was great to follow it... thanks for sharing.. Michelle!