Thursday, December 30, 2010

On Solid Ground

Our summit day could have not been better. No wind and clear sky and although the temperature was minus 25 C, the sun made it feel much warmer.
More people die going down than up so we were very careful on our descent to High Camp. We arrived 10 1/2 hrs from leaving that morning. We were extremely tired and our feet quite sore with blisters.
The next morning we had to face going down the headwall with full packs and that was one of the more dangerous days. There was more gear to be picked up at Low Camp and loaded onto sleds that we pulled down to Vinson Base Camp.
After 3 flights from Base Camp and about 6,000 kms later we have arrived at Santiago,Chile where all 5 of the family members are now together to rest for a few days before heading back to Canada. It is strange to see colours other than the white expanse of snow and ice and the dark colour of the mtns in Antarctica. It is also stranger to see darkness again having had 24 hrs of bright daylight for the last few weeks...
We are looking forward to seeing friends and family on our return.


Lauren said...

can't wait to see you

Mark Honsberger said...

Congratulations Team Mallory!!!!
I look forward in hearing all the great stories and seeing some photos. Have a safe return home and get some much needed rest. Happy New Year!!!

White Feather said...

Glad to hear you made it safe and sound to Santiago.
See you on return! CONGRATULATIONS everyone!

Chris said...

AWESOME you guys! Congrats to all, especially Dan. What an accomplishment!