Sunday, December 19, 2010

Saturday, December 18, 2010

(via satellite phone)

Woke up to a bright clear day again. Temperature outside is generally about -15 degrees Celsius unless in the sun and then it feels much warmer. We prepared to organize to head up the mountain. We’re using sleds to put some of our gear on the sled and the balance we’ll be carrying on our backpacks and in this way we can do a single carry to the next camp. The trail up was fairly steep and mostly gradual it went along the edge of some ice falls and some seracs which are big ice walls that could fall down but there was no incident. After 4 ½ hours we arrived at Low Camp. We were all tied together for safety in case somebody fell into a crevasse because we’re climbing on a glacier that is full of crevasses. We had to put up our own tents which we did next to an ice wall to protect ourselves from the strong winds.

We’re planning for a rest day tomorrow.


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