Sunday, December 26, 2010

South Pole

The information about the south pole is very interesting. There are 5 south poles.
  1. The Ceremonial south pole is an area near the geographic south pole where the flags of the 12 original Antarctic Treaty Nations surround a metallic sphere on a small barber's pole.
  2. The Geographic south pole is a marker. Since the South Pole sits on a sheet of ice that moves between 10 and 30 meters a year a new marker is put into the ice each year at 90 degrees south.
  3. The Magnetic south pole is a wandering point where the magnetic field lines meet.
  4. The Geomagnetic south pole is similar to the magnetic south pole but I really do not understand the difference.
  5. The Southern pole of inaccessibility is a remote location in Antarctica that is the most challenging to reach. It is a point most distant from the Southern Ocean.

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