Thursday, April 3, 2008

Don't drag your feet

Flight from Kathmandu to Lukla is worth the price of the whole trip. It is a small boxy propeller plane that they take the seats in and out of at random. You can see right into the cockpit and talk to the pilot if you could be heard above the noise of the engines. There is a stewardess who hands out cotton balls for your ears and candies after take off. No pressurized cabins so they fly fairly low. Going through the mountain passes it seems as if the wing tips will brush the sides of the mountains. Good views of the area below. The landing strip at Lukla is an uphill to a turn around. I imagine the take off going home will be something else since then it will be a downhill into mid air.


Anonymous said...

This sounds amazing. Love to hear the descriptions of the plane. It is such a pleasure to share some of the experience as you report back. SOM Climb Every Mountain, NJM

Anonymous said...

I think the picture on showed this plane. That alone would have been an adventure. ClimbEveryMountain,NJM