Monday, April 21, 2008

Everest Base Camp

(as dictated by Dan by satellite phone)

Hello! We have made it to Everest Base Camp along with Adam, Alan and Laura. We arrived yesterday after following the very rocky Khumbu major moraine for a few hours. We are basking in sunshine at 17,500 ft. We are dealing with some altitude issues; not the least being short of breath.

We are surrounded by towering snow-covered peaks where loud avalanches are a regular occurrence.

We have a full view of the challenging and somewhat dangerous Khumbu Icefall that we will be attempting in 2 or 3 days which will lead up to Camp I at about 19,500 ft. We will be crossing multiple crevasses on extended ladders amongst other challenges.

We are ready!


Anonymous said...

Folks, I think of you every day. At times, it seems `Mallory-mania` has hit the media here: little radio-items, both on local and CBC. All the best!

Carol Norman said...

Wow, Mallory Family!! Your dream is becoming a reality. It is so great to be able to track your progress. Barbara, you are a real trooper to be hiking with your heel problems. Dan, we hope that your chest infection completely clears up soon. The kids are doing great. Have the time of your life. Have a safe trip!! Looking forward to your return.

Anonymous said...

Dan I can't believe you chose this over the PETS conference in North Bay. I keep thinking of you, Barb and your family and what you are doing. Sometimes it frightens me but it mostly overwhelms me. We look forward to reading about your progress. Be Well.

Anonymous said...

hey laura,
its julia and nikki
we are saying hi. and have fun. don't get caught in an avalanche. ps, we are half asleep in your bed thinking of you. we miss you.
the weather is absolutely gorgeous i bet you can't wait to get in this hot weather eh? :) anyway,
take care of your family, and if you have by chance, tell your mom to take it easy on her leg and dad on his chest.
love the girls

Anonymous said...

Hope all goes well for your climb and best wishes to Barbara and Dan in their recoveries. Bet the view is amazing,can't wait to hear all about it. Stay strong and have a great time as you achieve such a great accomplishment. Be careful! Ang.