Saturday, April 19, 2008

News from Barbara

Since my last posting I have climbed Kalapatar, visited Everest base camp and climbed to 5700 meters on Island Peak. Regrettably, I tore my Achillies tendon the day before and some of my calf muscle so even though I was feeling strong I decided to opt out of the final ascent which was quite technical. This was a good decision since my leg progressively got worse over the next few days. I left the main group I had been with since arriving in the Khumbu Valley and hiked on my own with my porter to Pheriche to meet up with the family. It took me 2 days to hike to Pheriche which should have been only 4 hours. I checked with a doctor at a clinic in Pheriche who informed me I could hike down myself if I took my time and taped the ankle well. I am now in Namche and heading off to Lukla tomorrow. Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

Barbara, sorry to hear you have sustained an achilles tear. Hope the downhill trek was OK.
What a climb you made - all the way to 5700 m. Unbelievable - congrats.

Anonymous said...

I keep looking for an update on your progress and the status of your achilles. Hope your descent went well and your are able to enjoy your surroundings even thought walking is such a challenge. Take care and know we are all thinking of you. Love Nancy and family