Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Everest Update

It is Sunday April 13th, and Adam has arrived at Namche Bazaar at 11200 feet and is feeling very strong and no acclimatization issues. During the day, we met a Japanese man that five years earlier at age 70 was the oldest person to summit Everest. Recently, his record was broken and he has returned this year at age 75 to recapture his record. We have a picture of Laura and him together which will be the youngest Canadian female (maybe) and the oldest Everest summiter (maybe). Also at the hotel, we spent time with the first Vietnamese team to attempt to summit Everest and got photos of each other.

Monday April 14th, we leave Namche (Dan, Alan, Adam and Laura) to go towards Pangboche at 13000 feet. It is a long day starting at 9:00am and ending at 4:00pm and we are all feeling a little elevation fatigue. The route follows the cut-out side of steep mountains where a fall to the side would lead to a 1000 plus foot drop. You soon learn to stay on the uphill side of the trail when the yak trains pass as other wise they would knock you off the trail. Everything is carried by porters or yaks or yak-cow combos called Jobkes.

Tuesday April 15th, we rest in Pangboche and it is a well needed rest for Adam who has not had a rest day since the start of his trek in Lukla.

Wednesday April 16th, we went to visit the local Lama who gave us his blessings of safe travel and this was interesting. From there we travelled along the mountain side to arrive at Pheriche at 14200ft. Here we met up with Barbara and we are now a complete family of five, for now (is that a sigh of relief from my family?). Laura and Adam are climbing machines and are not having to work at all to deal with the trek. Alan is doing very well as well particularly dealing with his troublesome achilles but it has not slowed him down too much. The chest infection that I have is still lingering but does allow me to continue never the less and I hope for a recovery before I reach base camp (in three more days). The lungs have to be working at full capacity in the higher elevations. Now Barbara, this is the first that we have talked to her in almost two weeks. She has been doing some high elevation climbing and trekking but it has cost her as her achilles tendon is stretched with related muscle bruising and she is going to be heading down to recover tomorrow. We will see where this ends up.

The last blog was sent from Namche and there was to be only one Internet sight above Namche at Tengboche however, it was closed. We did learn however, that we could trek from Pheriche to where we are sending this blog at Dingboche a 30 min hike uphill both ways (haha). So glad to have this last opportunity to post. We hope for a continued success to base camp where our next update will occur from 17500ft.

In general, the route is absolutely spectacular with dramatic snow covered peaks in every direction against the clear blue high elevation skies.



Anonymous said...

Hello from away down here in lowland Barrie. 17 degrees but the scenerie isn't quite as spectacular as where you are and certainly not many yaks strolling by! Ah, a few herbal medicines and you will be as good as new Dan...hmmm, I have to think on that one (hey, it is a sister's job to give you a slightly hard time). I hope your lungs get cleared soon...can't sell much insurance up there otherwise!

Anonymous said...

Hi to you all. Dan, you have both of your sisters checking up on you! Glad to hear Adam is with you and the OCG will help keep us updated. Stay Healthy and enjoy. I will print off your story and show Mom/Grandma as she enjoys the news and has a very good feeling about your climb. She is thinking this trip might be worth some buttertarts! Love, Nancy

markmusico said...

Just a quick note to let you know that Tamores (a.k.a. T-dog or most appropriately 'Guts') is thriving in his new 'boot camp' environs. He is into a regular training regimen. I guess he still thinks he is going to Everest. He says he knows he could do it as long as he had a comfy couch to shed on each night. Keep the faith and best of luck.

Mark & Heather & canines

Anonymous said...

Hi from Toronto - Spring has finally arrived and the rivers are overflowing! It sounds as though things are really coming together for you all. Good to hear that you have teamed up with Barbara and Adam once more. Hope you continue to improve Dan. We here in Toronto are enjoying the postings, keep them coming! Love, Beanie.

Anonymous said...

I tried to post earlier but it obviously did not take. I wanted to encourage Laura. It is wonderful to have a student who puts a whole new meaning on the term "reach for the top". Best of luck to all of you and I will see Laura when you return.

Marilou Matthews, Psychology Prof.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dan and family from Rossland British Columbia where we have been following your blog daily and look forward to your next update your family's courage and determination is amazing. Keep it up (and up and up)!

John Sullivan

Anonymous said...

I printed off the blog entries to date and took them to Barrie to show Mom and Dad. They were so glad to hear news. I have heard them say that they don't want to hear too much about it but... I saw them both reading the blog entries over and over again. I bet Dad takes them to tea to share with his morning buddies. The pages will be well worn the next time I see them, I'm sure. We look forward to every entry and now to see a few pictures (hey Laura!) is sweet. Mom and Dad/Grandma/Grandpa say hi and take care and all is well here.
Lots of love, Nancy
I like to read the comments from other people too. So nice!

kathy said...

Hey Dan,
Love hearing about your facinating journey. Thinking of you, god be with you. Keep healthy.
Kathy and the rest of the gang at Casa Mia Restaurant

Anonymous said...

here on the ward are keeping up [, as you keep on going up ],with your adventure...what a journey, it was great working with you of luck...Darlene fru