Wednesday, April 23, 2008

From Kathmandu

I finally made it to Lukla. Quite a challenge, infact I think it was harder climbing down than climbing up. Dowwa, my porter, said his good byes at the airport and presented me with a Budhist scarf.
I am now back in Kathmandu trying to get a flight out. I was going to do some more hiking but am afraid I might competely severe this tendon and that would be disasterous.
Today is Democratic Day. Lots of military around and I saw the soon to be owsted Prime Minister drive by. The King says he is a Nepali citizen and will remain in the country but he will likely loose the palace and all his possessions and wealth. We will have to see what the Moasists decide to do. Strange that the military which fought against the Moaists now has to protect them. Also, the Moaists are atheists in a country of strong Budhist and Hindu religion.
The front page of the Kathmandu Times said anyone trying to disrupt the Olympic torch possession or cause problems at Everest would be shot dead. Be thankful we live in Canada.


Tabloid Daze said...

That's certainly an unnerving headline. I'm a reporter with the Globe and Mail and I'd really like to get in touch with you about your travels so far on the trip. I realize communication must be difficult. Is there any way you can email me back at

All best,

Patrick White

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the injury, Barb. You have done so well. I am thoroughly in awe! Take care of yourself. Love, Mary