Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Mallory's are Climbing!

Wow! what a wild previous week and a half. On Monday, March 31, Alan and Dan did a live interview with CBC Canada am in the morning, A live interview with CBC newsworld in the afternoon, and two telephone interviews in the middle. On Tuesday April 1st, Dan did a live telephone interview with CBC radio - Ontario Morning and for the balance of the week, turned down other requests.

Friday April 4th - Dan was up all night at the Mallory Insurance Office getting to bed at 5am and up 1 hr. later at 6am to catch the 11:00am flight from Toronto to Hong Kong and then to Kathmadu. Very long flight (~24hrs total) and glad to arrive in Kathmandu.

Kathmandu is the wildest City you can immagine with completely chaotic traffic flow, impossibly rough and narrow roads, and people everywhere. The air quality is very poor.

We were in Kathmandu 1 day and we were glad to get our early morning flight in an 18 seater Twin Otter plane to Lukla. It plummits out of the sky towards the landing strip and it lands on the shortest runway in existance in the mtns. Fortunatly for us, the runway was uphill which helped slow the plane down. It will be a wild downhill take-off on our return.

The two day trek to Namche (which is where we are now, at 11200 feet in elevation) is remarkable, challenging, beautiful and very steep. The tiny sherpa porters should all be called Galioths with the massive loads they carry - one tiny guy had a chesterfield strapped on his back! The trek is across many towering and long swing bridges and not for the faint at heart or anyone afraid of heights. The trail follows deep valleys surrounded by towering snow covered peaks. There is a turquoise glacier-melt raging river most of the way.

Unfortunatly, Dan caught a chest infection and Alan and Laura are struggling with stiff muscles and joints but other than that we are all well. After a few days we should be good to go. We will be waiting here at Namche for Adam's arrival in a few days. We hope so because Adam arrives tomorrow and that is election day in Nepal and everything (traffic, phones etc.) will be shut down in anticipation of possible riots. We don't even know if he is going to be able to get a ride from the airport to the hotel on his arrival in Kathmandu. It should be an exciting time for him and we hope for the best. Meanwhile we have a beautiful view of snow covered peaks on the steep side of a mtn. with beautiful sunlight and blue skies to enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Great to hear news from you. I was able to contact Adam! He should have a very interesting time in Kathmandu and your information should help. Hope a day or two of rest helps you all feel better. You need Grandma's magic sauve!
Stay safe and enjoy. Lots of love,
NJM Nancy

Anonymous said...

great to hear that your are all doing okay
best of luck

Anonymous said...

The t-bone steaks are on us when you all get back from the top of the world.
Stay well.
Ron & Mary-Eileen

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan, Barb and all the clan,
I heard you (Laura and Dan) on CBC's 8:30 news this morning (April 9) and was mightily impressed by the invu and what your family is doing for all of us Canadians. I'm sorry I missed saying "au revoir" but now that I have found your BLOG I'll be able to keep up-to-date with what's happening. HOW EXCITING! Wish I were there with you. All the best, Ian W.

Ernest said...

I'm glad you guys made it to Namche safely. It should interesting to see how Adam makes it through the possible riots and what not in Kathmandu.
I will definitely be checking you blogs throughout your expedition.

Beers on me when you guys get back. That's right Al, it's a free sponsorship.

Good luck and all the best,
Ernest Choi

Anonymous said...

Mini climbers are following your trek. My students have enthusiastically measured and are climbing stairwells daily as we try to shadow your climb (without the rocky flight to your initiation point!) Wait 'til they have to fill their bags with books for part of the experience! Hope Adam didn't have too much of a challenge finding you upon his arrival. Hugs, A.Betty

Anonymous said...


Keep your Angel's close
All the McCurdy's and Brook's are wishing you the best of luck.


Anonymous said...

keep up the good work and we are ancious to hear more from this exciting adventure
Keep in touch with the blog and we will will keep reading

Anonymous said...

Dan, just thinking of you being "Up there in the mountains" and reflected upon how one gets " Up there in age" too!
Happy birthday big brother.

Anonymous said...

Pete & Sammy send their love from Florida!! We're so proud of you guys! Praying you get well quick Dan!
Our hearts are with you every step of the way
xoxox The Monovans