Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Family Gathers

Adam arrived in Kathmandu, Nepal despite the concerns about the election held that day.
He landed in Lukla this morning and is now only 1 day behind us. Barbara is ahead of us but we have had no communication with her for about 10 days. We hope she is well and we will meet her in the next few days hopefully but it is a big mountain.
Dan's chest infection has progressed further to the bad. Dan went to a Tibeten doctor in Namche today to get a second oppinion on taking Ampicillin (antibiotic). He had never heard of it and he only had herbal medicines. Dan decided to try them and got 3 small packages of 10 days worth of what looks like various shades of rabbit poop. Dan has taken 3 today and so far is still standing. He desperately needs the lungs to clear before he should go higher. Happy birthday to Him today as he celebrates with 'rabbit poop' droppings for dessert!
Alan and Laura are feeling quite strong and looking forward to moving up the mountain after Adam arrives.
We did an aclimatization climb yesterday up the mountain about 1500 feet to Everest View Lodge with great views of the high mountains all around.

Dan, Alan, Laura


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAN! Glad to hear news. Sad to hear news that Dan is not as good as he would like to be. I'm sure he will recover with a little rest. Love always and always love,

kevin.trites said...

Best of Luck to all you Mallory's and safe climbing to all climbers this season. I'll be following progress of your historic climb and summit .

Anonymous said...

Hope Dan get's better soon. He should be drinking more water (ha ha). take care

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear all is still well. Sorry to hear about the infection Dan, but I know you will get well soon. I'm so excited for all of you and best wishes and good luck to everyone.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the birthday gift will be a greatly improved lung condition with the help of the "rabbit poop".
We are following your adventure with interest - we have been as far as Gorakshep. I am sure you are aware of the hospital in Kumjung, in case you need more medical attention. When we were there the doctors were from Smith Falls, Ontario!
All the best!
Ilona Dobos