Wednesday, April 30, 2008

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No more news by phone to Barrie Base Camp but I have been reading the posts on the Summit Climb website. Summit Climb is the outfitter that the Mallory's chose to help them on this expedition. On April 28 the team leader posted this:

All of of our members, except the Mallorys and Linda, made it to camp 2. They are all healthy and strong. The Mallorys are a little bit behind schedule, but they are sleeping in camp 1 right now and tomorrow they will come up to camp 2 for a short visit before returning to camp 1.

(No clue as to why they are "a little bit behind schedule".)

To read the full dispatch from Summit Climb go to and look for the Everest Climb, Trek, Lhotse & Island Peak Spring 2008 link under "News" in the left-hand column (about half-way down the page).

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Barbara said...

Hi Susanne:
They are a little bit behind schedule because they arrived in Nepal after everyone else and started climbing about 10 days after the rest of the expedition team.
Thanks for keeping the blog updated.