Friday, May 30, 2008

Everyone is safe

The family is at base camp or hiking down from base camp. They should be in Lukla in the next few days. Then back to Kathmandu where Dan and the family will try and get an early flight home. I can hardly wait to see them, hold them and hear all the stories.
Mike is safely down at base camp. He was the last person in the Summit Climb group to try for the summit. He successfully reached the summit before running into difficulty.
A huge thanks to Summit Climb staff for keeping everyone safe. You are awesome!!

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Anonymous said...

Well this has been a wild ride but I am so happy to hear all are safe. Thanks so much for taking us all on your journey. Let's all look back at the family, the core of this expedition and the comprimises that have had to take place for it to happen. You started out as a core group, but all managed to meet your goals despite being separated to end together as a unit, independant yet united. Family is the core of this. You will inspire many to meet their goals together and independantly. Thanks to you all.