Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Exciting past few days

This has been an exciting past few days. I am soooo proud of all the family.

The Mallorys still have a lot ahead of them before they are off the mountain. Their minds and bodies have been tested to the limit and it will take quite awhile for them to fully recover. I am anxious to get a medical report from each of them.

Hopefully, when they reach base camp Dan will contact either Susanne (our web designer extrordinarie) or myself and we will have some stories to relay. I will also post some info about high altitude mountain climbing incase we have inspired any of our blog readers.

Keep those comments coming. I know the family will want to read them and all the positive comments and encouragement from family, friends and strangers have been a great comfort to me.


Anonymous said...

The whole family has been following the Mallory adventures several times a day and living vicariously through Dan, Barbara, Laura, and the boys! We feel really proud and pleased!!! Hugh H. & family.

Daniel said...

I have been following your updates with my family. We hope for everyones safe return. Good Luck from Stouffville, Ontario.
Daniel M

Anonymous said...

We are thrilled for all of you and your marvellous achievement. We always knew you would make it!!!

Stewart said...

Congratulations Mallory family! I have been reading along the whole season and am very happy you reached your goals. I'm praying for a safe return to Canada.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited and proud for all of you! Congratulations! I hope to see you all and congratulate you all when you get home. Have a safe trip home

Tyler S.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Everyone! I'm thrilled for all of you. What an amazing achievement! Safe return home!

Brandy I.

Anonymous said...

WOW! I am sooo happy for all of you. Dan, Adam and Alan - how great for you to be able to summit together. Laura - how absolutely fabulous that you did it on your own. WOW! As we hear of your progress back down the mountain we are even more overjoyed for your success and achievement. You are an inspiration for us to reach for our own challenges and goals. We pray for your safe travels and look forward to all the stories
Nancy, Rob, Ethan and Kelsey

Kevin said...

I have been watching the progress of this expedition for about 3 weeks now, it's been really exciting. Congratulations to you all.

I have 2 sons and a daughter as well, and it really got me emotional when I read that Laura was seperated from her father and 2 brothers. Laura is an incredible individual for continuing on, what an amazing achievement, by everyone. I am hoping that the family can have an event where I could hear about their adventures.

PS. I've never met any of you, I just heard about this from an article in the Star.

Kevin Gross
Bolton Ontario

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to each and every one of you. Your determinism and your spirit to seek and meet new personal challenges inspire all of us. Even I, the one who likes her feet on solid ground and quiver at the sight of a ferris wheel,shares that thrill of reaching the top with you.
A congratulatory and safe return hug awaits each and every one of you!
Love, Aunt Betty and Sis.

Bob said...

Hello Mallory family,

Congratulations on your amazing achievement. Our son Ryan works with Alan at Hatch in Mississauga, so we have been following the progress of your incredible adventure since he first told us about this several weeks ago.
Won't Alan have stories to tell when he goes back to work!!
We have followed other Everest climbs and read enough to know how difficult and dangerous this is, so are so thrilled that you were able to succeed.
Again, congratulations to all!!

The Kilpatricks
Ottawa, Ontario.

Cindy Massolin said...

Congratulations Dan and family! You said you would do it and we never doubted it for a minute.
I think your calendars next year should have photos of your climb(s) on them. I'll get working on that right away :-) I look forward to seeing you and the photos after your return, Dan. Again, CONGRATS!!! Take care and Barbara - get better quickly.
Cindy Massolin

Live your dash said...

You'll have to change your team name from Adrenaline Rush to Everest Rush now! Well done, everyone, especially Laura for pushing on to the finish line without your 'team'. I've been on the edge of my seat the last week watching things unfold. Big, huge congratulations. I'll send out a notice to our email list, and to all the RTNX teams from last year.

Hope to see you this summer. Well done, what an achievement!

Geoff Langford
Frontier Adventure Sports

Susanne @ Barrie Base said...

Amazing!! The phrase "on top of the world" is going to have a whole new depth of meaning for you now. It has been an adventure for all of us to follow you on this expedition. Congratulations!

Susanne Hemet & Family

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! I've been following your adventure from the start and I am so happy for you all! Especially Laura! I climbed Mt. Kenya when I was 20 and I now have three little girls. I would love to hear how Dan and Barbara raised such amazing, adventurous children! You must be so proud of them!!!
from Hope, BC!

BillB said...

My mother-in-law who was a dear friend of Bill and Kay McMurray told me about the quest for Everest and I've been following it with great anticipation. I phoned mom yesterday when your daughter reached the peak and she was very happy. We believe that Bill and Kay probably have been looking down and smiling as the distance would certainly have seemed shorter. Congratulations
Bill B.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to all! A truly remarkable accomplishment! Safe returns to all!

bob said...

We have lit a candle each night this week ... for your safe return.
Your courage, bravery and triumph is an example to all of us ...

Bob & Liz