Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Summit Climb News - Laura

From Summit Climb:
Laura Mallory and Pasang Sherpa summitted this morning at 9:00 am. The weather was perfect, sunny and calm. They returned to the south col at 4:30 pm. We congratulate them.
All Nepali times.


Anonymous said...

Each of the Mallorys is now wearing a Laurel. The first Crown belongs to Barbara since each Victory is the work of a Mother. Laura,Allen, Adam and Dan - you have made history!!! Our warmest congratulations. M & E

Michelle said...

Congratulations to ALL the mallorys.... even mom for being away from them for so long!

Susanne @ Barrie Base said...

Laura, your accomplishment is even greater for having achieved it on your own. What an inspiration you are for so many people - girls and women especially! Congratulations!

Highest Regards,
Susanne Hemet & Family

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all the Mallory Family for doing what many would have considered impossible! You did it!! Dan, you are the most incredible (and fearless) outdoor leader I have ever met. Barbara, what an incredible (and invaluable) support system you provided for the whole family. Adam, Alan and Laura, I am so proud of you, as fellow Canadians, for doing what you did, it brings tears to my eyes. From now on, when the May 24th weekend rolls around each year, I won't be thinking of Queen Victoria's birthday, I will be remebering how the Mallory family summitted Mt. Everest, the tallest mountain in the world, overcoming, not only the physical, but the awesome psychological barriers most of us mortals are bound by. It makes me realize the we, collectively, and individually, can achieve whatever it is we believe in, if we persist. Well done everyone!
Best wishes for a safe trip down the mountain and homeward bound for a well deserved rest ... before the next adventure begins!
Your fans, Ian and Cath-Run

Anonymous said...

Yahh!!!! Congratulations!!!! Way to go Laura!!!! You are such an inspiration!! All of you are!! Have a safe journey home!


T said...

wheehaa! Laura you're crazy! I love crazy people and crazy things! =) although you didn't quite get to the stars, you're not coming home with a hand full of mud either... (or maybe just a few stones as a souvenir...) you've been keeping me from studying for my exams! :-P
keep on rockin' and GBY!
your Swiss Bro

Sharon Frankland said...

Barb, I think these folks have said it all!! What an utterly amazing family you have forged. It is an honour to know you and Dan and I hope you are reveling in your pride, sense of accomplishment and the thrill of it all!! Congratulations to all of you!!

Mr. Vanderlugt said...


Wow, I knw you would reach high goals in life... I never expected this though! I am proud of you!

Mr. Vanderlugt