Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Otto brothers

I have had a lot of interviews from the press. I have been very specific in those interviews that Laura is the youngest female Canadian to summit Mt. Everest at age 20. A young man Eric Otto from Kingston was also on the mountain and successfully summited Mt. Everest with his brother Christian. Eric just turned 20 and is the youngest Canadian to summit Mt. Everest.
My family met the Ottos. Christian is a doctor and was doing some medical research on the mountain. Among other things he was doing some tests with Viagara. It is believed that Viagara may increase the oxygen carrying capacity of blood. Christian also cared for people in need of medical assistance on the mountain, my family included. Eric will be attending University of Western Ontario next year in London so he and Laura can compare notes of their adventure.
Congratulations to the Otto brothers for their successful summit.

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